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Privacy Policy

We need to let you know that there will be some information requested when you’ll be using our programs such as name, e-mail address etc. This is your decision if you wish to enter our site and complete these forms, surveys and so on. This is how we can find out more about the experience on our site and then find ways to improve it if needed. You have the possibility to enter our page anonymously as well. We may also collect this information to either organize a contest or a promotion where you can win a software from us. You may also receive periodic emails related to our cheats. This can be easily canceled whenever you wish to. Your personal information is protected and will be used only to offer you more help when it comes to answering questions you have or offering the needed hack. We use cookies that will help us gather more impressions about the perfect customer experience. We do not send your personal data to other websites and this is you can stay chill and focus only on the fun and relaxation you’ll feel. All of the information displayed on our website is only for educational purpose and cannot be used in any malicious way.
Our main goal is to bring you the experience you wanted from the first moment you entered this page.